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The Best Playground for Your Child’s Mind



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“Celebrating the Animal Kingdom”: TIME to VOTE!

Our Children are Earth’s Future

4TinyHands’ MISSION is to empower kids to explore the world around them and their inner world

I conduct FREE INTERVIEWS with talented kids, well-known artists, and other fascinating individuals who can inspire children with their true life stories

Aurel Virlan, photographer.

“Some time ago, I gave an interview about photography as a passion for 4TinyHands. It was actually a natural dialogue, with Catalina being a curious person and asking well-formulated questions. I have the conviction that 4TinyHands will positively influence many children. Young people need stories and examples. And Catalina tells them true stories, which I find fantastically beautiful!”

Aurel Vîrlan
Professional Photographer

How to get your Interview?

Write me

Submit your art

Along with your answers, please send me 10-15 high-quality images. Most of the images in the interview will showcase your work, with the last image being a photo of yourself.


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Publish your original poems with 4TinyHands! All topics and poetry styles are accepted. When submitting a poem, please write a short presentation about yourself, why this poem is important for you, and what inspired you to write it.

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Short Stories

Let your creativity shine, and write a short story. 4TinyHands will publish it for you! Your short story should have at least 800 words and a maximum of 2000 words. All subjects and genres are accepted. You are the writer, you choose!

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Travel Stories

Did you discover a fabulous travel destination or do you live in a beautiful city? Share this amazing location with 4TinyHands! Submit your travel story (around 600-2000 words) and 5-10 high-quality photographs with this beautiful place!

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Did you conduct an interview with a local public celebrity? 4TinyHands will publish it for you! As a journalist, I encourage kids to follow this career path. Submit your journalistic interview, and I will analyze the value of the information.

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Book Reviews

Share your favorite books with other children! The book reviews should have at least 800 words and should be written by 7-14-year-olds for other children in this age segment. Submit together with your book review the book’s front cover image.

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Do you dream of becoming a professional photographer or a painter? You can get published with 4TinyHands! Submit around 10 high-quality original artworks and a presentation about yourself. What message do you want to convey?

Become Earth’s Voice with

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4TinyHands’ MISSION is to raise awareness about the environmental issues and encourage children to protect Mother Earth

Baran Fateminejad, young environmentalist.

“I love nature, so I was interviewed by 4TinyHands. My interview received a lot of attention because we need to raise awareness about environmental issues. We should remember that we have only one planet!”

Baran Fateminejad
Young Environmentalist

Catalina Baumgarten portrait.

About Me

4TinyHands is a One-Woman-Show Project. I am Catalina Baumgarten – journalist, creative writer, and mother.


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With 4TinyHands, children answer ‘YES’ to the call of their souls. Our children are the ones who will make the world a better place!

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Discover Your Inner HERO

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